वैधानिक सूचना : पाठको को सलाह दी जाती है किसी विज्ञापन पर किसी भी प्रतिक्रिया से पहले विज्ञापन में प्रकाशित नौकरी के बारे में अपनी पूरी तरह जांच पड़ताल कर लें । किसी प्रकार का पैसो का लेन -देन बिलकुल भी न करें अगर करते हैं तो उसकी जिम्मेदारी स्वयं की होगी नकि ज्योत्स्ना एच आर मैनेजमेंट प्राइवेट लिमिटिड की होगी। यह वेबसाइट नौकरी की गुणवत्ता या विज्ञापन दाता द्वारा किये गए दावे ,वेतन, या उल्लेख की पुष्टि या समर्थन नहीं करता। वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित किसी भी नौकरी के लिए पाठको को सावधान किया जाता है कि कोई भी प्रतिक्रिया करने से पहले विज्ञापन में दी गई नौकरी और कंपनी के बारे में पूर्ण जांच पड़ताल कर लें तब आगे बढे। ज्योत्स्ना एच आर मैनेजमेंट प्राइवेट लिमिटिड का वेबसाइट उपरोक्त किसी भी नौकरी विज्ञापन के बारे में किसी पाठक के प्रति उत्तरदायी नहीं होगा।


https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/thakurabhyudaya.jpg ‘’ Hello..JHRMPL TEAM. I would like to thanks to the JHRMPL  . I will never forget your guidance and support, which improves my skills and helped me every time, i Am very thankful to JHRMPL team , who provided me a right way to my career. All services which is provided by our HR they helps to improve our professional working way and also Professional knowledge Thanks Jyotsna Group team. ‘’

- Devaki Nandan

  https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/emraan.jpg It was an amazing experience to get trained at Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd Agra team. Especially, Atul & Chandrakant. They both helped us to build our career and provided an outstanding platform to kick start our professional career. Thank you Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd.
-Ankit Kumar Tiwari
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/poojalabroo.jpg  Hie,I am very thankful to Jyotsna Group Agra.They have provided us lots of job opportunities and this is my luck that i got the opportunity to work in IBM.They gave the best opportunity to me. So i am very thankful to Jyotsna Group  people.Thank you.
Pooja Km
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/yasir.jpg I m highly oblidged to the team of Jyotsna Group as they provide me a wonderful exposure n get exprienced to face any interview .. apart from this i got an opportunity at idac solution pvt ltd for that i would like to thanks jeet  sir for giving me the proper guidance n refrence abt job ...thanxs-
Imran khan
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/mdmaudood.jpg JHRMPL is a Pioneer Industry, creating a parternership in the world of Outsourcing.Despite of being highly educated majority of youths are Un Employed today in India. Hence JHRMPL is a positive medium for us which is providing staffing services in this era of privatisation. Thank You – Jyotsna Group
Ajay Tomar Agra
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/Vikram-Bhagat.jpgJyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd company is a platform where people like me get a chance to improve ourself as a person... nice atmosphere to learn things.. Staff so supporting.. group discussions, acticvities, soft skills training and many more things to make us improve in every part.. bcoz of this organization and their guidance i got placed .. bcoz of this organization i can feel change in me and i am thankful to all the staff of this organization for making me the person i am today .. i wish them advance very Happy New Year 2016.. will miss you all and the the atmosphere of this organization..
Vikram Singh
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/ankitgupta.jpg   I am thankful to Jyotsna hr management Pvt Ltd for giving me the opportunity with IBM. This Platform is actually a bridge from campus to corporate.
Deepak Maheshwari
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/anaratdwivedi.jpg  My parents got a appreciation letter on new year from Jyotsna Group, talking about my contribution to the organization. My parents were so delighted with this initiative. I am proud member of Jyotsna Group. My father said I worked with my organization for 35 years but did not get such letter…. What a great organization, you are working with. Thanks to your organization.
Ajit Nohwar
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/Ibn-E-Firdous.jpg  From JHRMPL AGRA At the very outset, I fail to find adequate words, with limited vocabulary at my command, to express my emotions. For me it feels like, I'm reborn. The blessing, help and guidance given by the Trainers at JHRMPL AGRA time to time, shall carry me a long way in the journey of life on which I am about to embark. The exemplary guidance, monitoring and constant encouragement is commendable. I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep regards to the team
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/pushvindersingh.jpg Thanks to Jyotsna HR  for giving me the opportunity with Idea Cellular. I learned a lot during my journey in Jyotsna Group. 

- Pushvinder Singh

https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/abid.jpg Its been wonderful being a part of Jyotsna group. People are fantastic to work with. Very cordial atmosphere and everyone is more than willing and happy to lend a hand of help. I must admire of course the Very professional staff. Its been a wonderful journey. I wish them luck so they remain a guiding light for the youth seeking new opportunities and willing to explore 'The cave of Diamonds'.

https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/darshuguftar.jpg It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd as a trainee. It provided me a great platform to make my career successful. It is due to the hard work and dedication of Trainers and supporting staff. esplclly:  Jeet Sir. I wish you all the best!!
Aman Chaudhary
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/vikramtyagi.jpg  i was working with a distributor 2 years ago. I got an opportunity to get transferred on Jyotsna Group roles

- Vikram Tyagi
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/arhaanamin.png Jyotsna group is an organization that aspires you to fulfil your dreams. They provide a lot of knowledge and training to join the corporate world which will help us lot to make our future bright and good. It's only with this great place that I could manage to get my job in one of the good MNC. Thanks, Jyotsna HR Management Pvt ltd...
Devendra Chaudhary
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/chinmay.jpg    I  received Call and greeting card on my birthday..even my dad got a call.. Its such an overwhelming experience. Thanks to the JHRMPL team.

- Chinmay Jain
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/vijayjain.jpg  Jyotsna Group is so great They really care for their employees. i joined Jyotsna Group sept 2015 and they sent me msg that we are always touch with you due to this type of words i feel lucky to join this group...Thanking you Jyotna Group..

https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/Aasir-Khan.jpgJHRMPL AGRA I feel lucky being with JHRMPL. I feel gratified for having such wonderful Trainers. They're nice, cordial, and amiable. Being a bit lazy in past, it's helping me to get out of it. For me learning English was unenviable. But now it seems like it's user-friendly and easygoing.

- Aasir Khan
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/baribinabdullah.jpg I am going to learn a lot during my journey in JHRMPL. Thanks JHRMPL

- Mohammad Bari Bin Abdullah
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/girish.jpg I am feeling very glad after attaching with such a big family. A healthy environment and individual recognition boost me to do my best.thanks to Jyotsna  team

- Girish Panchal    RSLDC
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/khushaarif.jpgI am thankful to Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd for providing a good platform and an opportunity to carve my career. I am happy with the kind and dedicated team I met in Jyotsna HR  who always helped me in every sphere of my life. All the best to JHRMPL.. will miss you.

- Khush Aarif
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/rakeshhandoo.jpg  I am thankful to Jyotsna hr management pvt ltd for giving me the opportunity to do well in my career. Thanks Again to jyotsna’s  Team

- Rakesh Handoo    IDEA
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/riyazdar.jpg  Thanks VISPL for giving me platform to start my career again. Today i got job in HDFC. Thanks jeet sir, chandrakant sir and Richa  Ma'am, you all help me in getting my confidence back. Thanks jeet sir for your support.
Bheekam singh
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/neerajsingh.jpg I am thankful to Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd  for providing a good platform and an opportunity to carve my career. I am happy with the kind and dedicated team I met in JHRMPL who always helped me in every sphere of my life.

- Riyaz Dar    
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/emraanelahi.jpg Thanks JHRMPL for providing me a great platform to make my career successful. I wish you all the best.

- Emraan Elahi    
https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/varunkhajuria.jpg Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd Co. have been superb. With a personalized and honest approach they are a pleasure to deal with, coupled with a real drive to match the right person with the right role, they certainly are leaders in the recruitment industry. I wouldn't go anywhere else .

Ajay Kumar

https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/irfanaLi.jpg·  It was great meeting you in person after spending some time interacting over the phone. I'm very happy with your firm's responsiveness and the quality of candidates you are providing

Sanjeev srivastava

Contact UsThank u very much sir , i suggest to all job seekers regarding for job please Contact to Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd,JHRMPL is the best placement company in Agra.
Priya Rani

https://www.vispl.co.in/employee/mudasirahmad.jpgThanks Mr.Jeet Singh ji, Jyotsna hr management company is the best placement company in Agra. I also want to be a part of this company.
Kuldeep Mishra 

Haripreet kaurthanks Mr.jeet singh for my best placement .your placement company agra's no.1 company in this field.
thank u so much, your service name fantastic service

Harivinder singh

‘’Jyotsna Group undertakes its role with a vision and passion that goes beyond the narrow misson of Human Resources. Moreover Jyotsna Group is proactive and focuses on an integrated approach that reflects a deep sense of commitment on achiving the clients objectives in both short and long term time frames.’’   Mr. S.K.Panda  HR Manager   I    Aviva Life Insurance

‘’ Thanks for Jyotsna HR Management Pvt Ltd. Invaluable HR service, whatever the size of the business. Extremely responsive and always there if you need them.’’
Mr.V.P.Kulkarni  Operation Manager   I  Virtusa Ltd

‘’ Jyotsna HR Management Provides and excellent cost effective service.’’
Mr.Viajya Km   HR Exe.     l    Bajaj Allianz Insurance co. Ltd

‘’ We have been working with Jyotsna HR Management consultant services since April 2015 on a monthly retained basis. During this period we have had numerous staff issues, with the expert advice and guidance provided by Jyotsna Group the issues have always been dealt with quickly and in a way that keeps us within the law, whilst provided the best possible solution for our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service.’’
A.K.Dixit      HR Manager   l   Maruti Suzuki Ltd  Manesar

‘’ I have been extremely impressed with the work that Jyotsna Group have carried out for us .The consultants  are professional, through and understand our business need. The quality of candidates they have is fantastic, as is their ability to deliver on time. I would recommend positive, especially on posts that are often not straightforward. They have helped us in a number of difficult areas.
Mr. N.Khurana Business Development Manager     l   HCL Ltd

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